Terms & Conditions

  • The equipment is subject to a 12-month carry-in warranty on all parts deemed by nexus or Its appointed service agent to have malfunctioned or failed due to factory fault.
  • In the event that a technician or service agent is requested to attend to the machine on-site, transport and labour will be charged.
  • Any part replaced under warranty must be returned to nexus for assessment.
  • The warranty excludes wearable parts such as foamer units, hoses, o-rings and burrs.
  • The warranty shall be rendered void under the following circumstances:
  • If anyone not qualified by nexus to work on mythos installs, services or repairs the machine
  • Damage or failure due to:
    • Negligence, misuse or abuse
    • Foreign objects in the grinder or the brewer
    • Water in the hopper or the grinder
    • The use of electrical extension cables or faulty electrical connections
    • Power surges or voltage fluctuations
    • Poor quality of water
    • Producing more beverages than the prescribed output
    • Failure to clean the machine and its components as directed
    • Use of any detergents other than those supplied by nexus
    • Acts of nature
    • Missed services every 10,000 cycles or 12 months, whichever comes first

First service includes dispenser valves, o-rings, foamer head, milk hose, descalcification & labour in workshop.